Astro Camp Astro Astro
Camp is a pioneer in California’s science camp. The courses in the camp combine hand-made experiments, high-tech toys and various adventure activities, which will bring students an unforgettable experience!

NASA Camp (Florida)
Kenny Aviation Center (Kennedy Space Center) provides students with unique adventure and learning activities, you must not miss it!

Basketball camp Basketball
basketball camp includes Jordan Flight, Kobe Bryant or Laker camp to choose from. The above three camps all provide a fun and challenging basketball learning environment, and provide young students with courses to improve their basketball skills.

Baseball Camp The Baseball
team pays attention to the training of basic baseball skills for students, including catching, pitching, running and team mutual assistance in and out of the field. During the camp, the students will be instructed by the NCCAA D1 baseball coach and the local high school baseball coach.San Diego Wildlife Camp San Diego
explores the lives of animals and the world of animals during the five-day camp, which includes animal contact, animal observation, games, and hand-made animal snacks.

Kidspace Experience Camp
Welcome to join the Kidspace Experience Camp! The camp is full of many courses, and lead your children into their unforgettable world of exploration and adventure!

Los Angeles Natural Ecological Camp LA Arboretum is
in the camp, where students explore with new friends Nature, in the joyful exploration process, students learn the importance of teamwork.

Leadership Camp (Zhenghan!!) In the Leadership Leadership
Camp, students work together to learn how to plan, execute, and solve problems. In the process of teamwork, build trust, self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork and problem-solving ability among students. In the leadership camp, through teamwork to deal with problems, each team member is trained to become a good leader.Outdoor adventure camp (zheng bang!!) Outdoor
camp team emphasizes the establishment of individual spiritual, physical, social, and emotional growth. The activities are all-encompassing, including: swimming, archery, hand-made art, astronomy, singing, sewing, American learning, dancing, cooking, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, nature learning, science, ball sports and other activities.

UCLA Adventure Camp (Zhenghan!!)
The camp is held on the UCLA campus. There are off-campus activities every week. The activities designed by the assistant Kang will definitely make students have an unforgettable summer! When students are learning how to surf, row, and swim when climbing, do not forget to enjoy the summer sun in California Oh!

California Science camp CA Science camp
participants five days of camp midterm California Science Center, Science Center, designed by the activities and experiments for students to explore through actual hands The field of science and learning are related to scientific knowledge and learning.