11 International students will experience the true American education and American life in this course. The students will spend daily activities and study with local students in American schools. Under the all-American educational environment in the school, the students learn knowledge in various fields and establish international friendships. After class, they get along with American host families. The students live with locals 24 hours a day. In the American language environment, students not only learn American language, but also experience American life and culture.

Curriculum: International students conduct courses

according to the grade level. The students will join the class

with local students. By getting along with American students,

students can better understand the learning style and lifestyle of local students.

School-school cooperation process: throughout Southern California Chino Valley Unified School District Victor Valley

Unified Celerity Education Group Orion International

Academy and other private K-8 school


Local host families

of school-age range:

small country – High School