Programs and Services:

· International English Summer Fun Program at Cal Poly, Pomona:

Students learn English and explore American culture in the classroom, and are also given an unrivaled opportunity for sightseeing and exploration in southern California.

· Cultural and Language Exchange Program (with funding feature for U.S. schools and students): This program provides exchange opportunities between Chinese and American students and schools during summer and winter vacation periods.

· Chinese Language and Cultural Exchange International Camp: This program takes place in cities throughout China and Taiwan and offers four modules of academic and cultural curriculum. Participants learn about different cultures and languages while participating in camp activities with students from around the world.

· Summer English Immersion Camp in China and Taiwan: Directed by a team of native English-speaking teachers trained by faculty from Cal Poly, Pomona, this program consists of English-speaking day or resident camps for children and teenagers throughout China and Taiwan.

· Native English Speaking Teacher Recruit: Our Company is the leading source for teaching positions in China and Taiwan. We place highly qualified teachers in top local schools throughout the region.

· TEFL Certificate Program for Non-English Speaking Teachers: We work with faculty members from the English and Foreign Language Departments at California State University in order to provide learning resources for non-native English teachers as well as help them develop their professional teaching skills.

· Study in the U.S. Program: We have contracts with several universities and K-12 schools in the U.S. through which we help Chinese students who plan to study in the U.S. enter into various educational programs.

· American Host Family Program: We provide high quality, safe and productive experiences for both students and host families. We have an established support group of over 300 host families.

· Hunter Academies: At Hunter Academies, we believe in providing an atmosphere of excellence for high-achieving students. We believe in engaging our students with meaningful learning experiences and challenging curriculum to fully develop their critical thinking abilities. We believe our rigorous academic program empowers young minds to create and innovative solutions that will impact the world. We create global leaders for tomorrow.

· High School After School Program: After international students arrive to the U.S., they need extra assistance not only to get used to the new life with their local homestay families, but also to catch up school work to complete with their American counterparts. This after school program focuses on raising students’ GPAs. Students are required to complete homework every day with our teachers’ assistance. Our teachers will also help students review before their quizzes and tests.

· Los Angeles Cool Activities Lifestyle Breakfast and bed. LACAL is a one stop shop for your travel and education needs. If you are coming here to study, travel, or for business we can set up all the arrangements. LACAL is a one stop shop for your travel and education needs. If you are coming here to study, travel, or for business we can set up all the arrangements. We have over 10 years in the education tourism business. All your travel needs and questions can be answered right here with us. Finding a wonderful local host, getting tickets to a game, and checking out local museums, beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and everything else to do in southern California we can make it all happen!