About us

ESL4AISA strives to improve the English ability of Asian students through learning and cultural exchanges. We achieved this goal by providing long- and short-term customized English and exchange programs exclusively for Asian students in the United States. At the same time, in order to strengthen listening and speaking skills, we recruit local English teachers to teach Asian children in Asian countries.

Our exclusive project creates opportunities for students to get to know the cultures of different countries, make friends from all over the world, and participate in various activities with rich educational significance. In order to maximize learning opportunities and intercultural exploration, we have created an environment that can induce communication between students of different cultural backgrounds; this environment combines traditional education models and community activities, and also provides practice English and flexible use A variety of channels learned. This method has enabled our students not only to improve their English skills, but also to enhance their international outlook.


“Breakthrough International Business Co., Ltd. ESL 4 ASIA” was established in 1998. We adhere to the purpose of improving English education as our company. We look forward to cultivating future masters and letting children come into contact with American English As many as possible, we have introduced American language books, American language teaching materials and teaching aids, introduced excellent foreign American language teachers, opened all-American language daily after-school tutoring classes, held American cultural experience camps and overseas study tours and study abroad. Even in Taiwan/Mainland, children can receive a full-language American education. In a subtle way, American language becomes a part of children’s life. Naturally, children can learn literature, math, nature, art and other life skills in American language. Is our distinctive feature

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★ Domestic and foreign “America Live” American Language Summer Camp

Every winter and summer vacation, we will hold domestic and foreign activities to verify the American language students usually learn. We believe that under the diversified curriculum planning and the careful care of domestic and foreign teachers, students’ food, clothing, housing, transportation, and safety can be maximized. Guarantee; Let parents feel at ease and make students happy is our long-term purpose of handling activities. We firmly believe that only through actual interaction with American students can we truly open the door to American language learning, visit the flowers and study abroad, and even work behind closed doors. Domestic studies may be superficial and not practical. Give children a chance and promise them a better future.
Since 2002, we have organized English summer camps in China and Taiwan for 8 consecutive years. The partners in 2002 are in Shen Zhen: Shen Zhen Daily Special Zone News Group; Fuzhou: Huiying Consulting Company; Chongqing: Chaoyang Foreign Language School; in the winter of 2002 in Beijing: Beihang High School; 2003 Summer at Nanshan Foreign Language School; Shanghai: East China Normal University; 2004 at Shen Zhen Summer Nanshan Foreign Language School; in 2005 at Dongguan Hongyuan Foreign Language School: professional teaching, versatile American foreign teachers team: 2006 foreign teachers with teacher certification and guided tours Kang’s experienced summer camp leader went to China to achieve English education and teaching exchange activities. “America Live” has become an excellent brand for summer camps. From 2002 to 2010, the total number of summer camps in Shanghai reached more than 8,000.

『America Live』Domestic American Summer Camp

●Goal: To enrich the cultural life of summer students, improve their English proficiency and practical application ability, expand their international horizons, and strengthen their international outlook and cultural exchanges

●Type: Comprehensively promote and enhance students’ learning and use of English through a closed all-English summer camp
a. Establish an all-American English learning environment on Chinese campuses so that students can enjoy the learning experience of studying in the United States without going abroad
b. Employ a teacher with a teaching license in the United States and a teacher from the United States summer camp license group.
c. Create a summer camp for learning American language joyfully.
d. Through exposure to the influence of American culture, students can build interest in English learning
Morning class: an integrated English class focusing on the four skills of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing
English reading salon, writing salon, speaking ability strengthening class
Afternoon activity: development of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic five education

●Art, sports, swimming, various ball games, scientific experiments, American dance, boy scout courses, leader personality development, field survival skills learning, team cooperation ability training, interpersonal relationship learning, moral and emotional management EQ, gentleman and lady etiquette, dining table Etiquette, western food etiquette… etc.
Evening class: a relaxing and pleasant evening

●Weekly welcome party, barbecue, dance party and other large-scale activities

●Movies, computer network roaming, reading and writing summer homework

● Weekly activities
Week 1: English Story Reading Week
Week 2: Shakespeare Week
Week 3: Little speaker: speak English boldly
『America Live』Summer Camp for Studying Foreign American Languages:

In 2004, “America Live” started the Los Angeles American Summer Camp. In addition to the formal American language courses, we also specially joined the Mountain Summer Camp, allowing students and American school children to experience authentic American summer camps. In addition, students are also arranged to travel to international theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, so that students can integrate into American society and learn the fun of using language. Let Chinese students experience different learning methods, and lay the goals and directions for their future studies.

●Goal: To enrich the cultural life of summer students, improve their English proficiency and practical application ability, expand their international horizons, and strengthen their international outlook and cultural exchanges

●10 major features:
1. Unlike ordinary summer camps abroad, which gather students to attend classes with students from all over the world. What we arrange is a local elementary school that specializes in summer courses for American children.
2. Including 8 days and 7 nights mountain summer camp, experience 24 hours together with American students, eat together, live together, and learn authentic American summer camp together.
3. Live in the dormitory of the famous California State University in the United States, and experience American university life early.
4. Participate in a variety of field outdoor teaching arranged by American schools. Over the years, take students to visit cheese, soap, candle manufacturing factories, California Angels baseball game, skating and other diversified activities to learn.
5. The rich and diversified school buffet breakfast and dinner buffet, so that students have energy to welcome every day.
6. According to the age and level of students, the students will be placed in suitable classes to achieve the maximum benefit of learning.
7. Visit famous scenic spots in California, USA, and let students learn the local culture while playing. This is a major event that excites and expects travellers during the study tour. Not only can you verify the results of your study tour, it is also full of adventure and independence. color.
8. The teacher will participate in the whole process, and there will be special reminders and care for food, clothing, housing and transportation.
9. The teaching facilities are complete, and students can make full use of school equipment.
10. The lively and vivid teaching of American professional teachers, and the curriculum design focuses on students’ thinking, inspiration and interactive learning, so that students have a happy and rich foreign learning experience.
Under the diversified curriculum planning and the careful care of teachers at home and abroad, students’ food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and safety can be guaranteed to the utmost; letting parents feel at ease and making students happy is our long-term purpose of handling activities. We believe that only through The actual interaction and communication with American students can really open the door to learning American language. Studying abroad and even studying in the country behind closed doors may just be superficial and not practical. Give children a chance and promise them a better life. The future is different from ordinary summer camps abroad.

★ Exchange, recruitment and dispatch plan for foreign English teachers
Teachers are a very important factor in teaching American language, and only famous teachers can excel. We must ensure the quality of teachers and establish the following teacher exchange and training programs
A. California State University Foreign Teacher English Teaching Practice Method

●Goal: The third, fourth and graduate students of the Department of Education/English Teaching Department of California State University will be sent to the Chinese campus for teaching practice

●Characteristics: Different from the general quality of foreign teachers, the source of talents and teaching professional quality control, strictly select the quality of foreign teachers, and specially hire professional teaching personnel to conduct education and teaching internships in Chinese campuses

●Internship period: 5 months per semester as the basic unit

●Training of internship teachers: All internship teachers are school students who have registered for the International Teaching Practicum in American universities.
B. Recruitment

●Group A: An intern foreign teacher sent in cooperation with California State University. Before coming to China, they received intensive ESL teaching and training courses. During the five-month teaching period, keep teaching contact with university professors. During the teaching period, American university professors will make a special trip to China to review the students’ teaching achievements and conduct intensive teaching training.

●Group B: native English speakers professional teaching personnel. The American English teaching experts will conduct targeted short-term training according to the teaching requirements of the region and send them to the partner school.
C. Dispatch plan:
We are responsible for the initial management of the life of the foreign teachers and the connection between teaching and the school after the introduction of foreign teachers into China.

★ Daily American after-school tutoring class
American after-school tutoring classes began in 1999. At that time, the American language teaching market in Taiwan was flooded with various teaching methods. However, based on our years of learning experience in the United States, we have found that in non-English-speaking countries, there is actually a major and Effective teaching (ESL-English as Second Language) can be called a kind of academic research. Its background is to help immigrants in non-English-speaking countries learn American English effectively and quickly integrate into American society. This is not the best way to learn American today. System? So we started the first professional ESL after-school tutoring class in Taiwan with textbooks commonly used in California, the home of immigrants.
After many years, we have taught thousands of students, and the effect of learning has been very well verified in these few study tours and overseas study opportunities. We always believe that learning American language should start in life and be used in life. We insist on using textbooks synchronized with the United States, and hire qualified teachers and professional professors to ensure that students get the best and most effective learning.
The course we do is to allow students to truly integrate into the American campus and study with American students. American learning focuses on learning inspiration and hands-on spirit, allowing students to learn from various subject areas to the theme-based integration. Let students experience different learning methods, and lay down the goals and directions for their future studies.