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“Robot Science Camp”

The key to a good study tour is not the knowledge learned in the textbook, but the experience in the whole process. The all-American life experience on the 15th, coupled with a relaxed learning environment, practical operations and joyful outdoor activities, will enable you to learn more, watch more, and experience more life. In addition, you can join the Eastern United States (New York, Boston, Washington) travel itinerary, so that you can enjoy the impact and feast of the different cultures of the East and the West in your spare time.

Highlights of the itinerary:

[5th ​​Robot Camp]: Improve robot innovation and practical capabilities. Learn programming, stop-motion animation, manual classes, hands-on experiments to improve practical skills, and combine competitions to develop innovative thinking

[English] Daily American culture and activities courses, students can choose courses such as hand-made art, dancing, sports, games, etc., by participating in a variety of activities, experience the learning culture of the United States.

[A friendly host family]: West Bund students live in a host family throughout the whole journey. American life is presented in the original style. They will also prepare different programs, which is worth looking forward to.

[California key tourism]: California must-visit attractions, such as San Francisco, Disneyland, Universal Studios… etc. can be enjoyed all at once.

[Key travels in the East of the United States]: New York, Boston, and Washington have always been important historical and cultural cities in the United States and the center of the world. This trip will take you through the history of America and get a glimpse of the world’s top cities.

1Fly to San Francisco, a famous city on the west coast of the United States, where “East and West Cultures” are gathered. Upon arrival, visit the Golden Gate Bridge, a huge suspension bridge over the bay, stroll through Fisherman’s Wharf to enjoy street performances, and climb the world’s most curved street, Jiuquhua Street , Overlooking downtown San
2Fly to Los Angeles, the city of angels, and stay with the host family upon arrival.Homestay
3In the one-week robot camp, students can learn step by step how to design robot actions, write programs, and operate to design their ideal robot. Furthermore, the relevant knowledge and skills learned by the trainees in this camp can reproduce the working environment and procedures of NASA’s Mars rover.Features: Students can learn logical thinking, programming and system operation skills again. Through the step-by-step challenges and competitions, students can continue to think and improve the robot they designed to reach the ideal state.Course content: Robot architecture, Robot C software instructions, Robot C programming, and actual robot operation.

Depart in the morning for the immortal classic ─ Disneyland theme park. In addition to classic rides such as roller coasters and Ferris wheels, there are also novel three-dimensional movies and volcano adventures. Of course, there are also various souvenir shops, vendors, and theme restaurants. The end of the itinerary ends with the classic holiday parade and fireworks in Disneyland.
9Universal Studios:

After walking the path of the movie stars, then head to the scene of classic movie shooting, which is also the world’s largest Universal Studio. The amusement facilities are connected to the movie, such as The Simpsons, Transformers, etc.; there are also park cars to go to the filming area and experience the visual shock of the movie scene with your own eyes.
10Fly from the west of the United States to the east and arrive at Boston, the “Education Capital of the United States”. Upon arrival, check into the
11Visit Harvard University, the most famous university with the longest history in the United States and cultivated 8 American presidents, then visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the dream university of science and engineering, and then drive to New Haven, Connecticut, to visit the Ivy League Yale University, one of the schools, appreciates the rich collection of books and the rich cultural atmosphere here. This school is also known as the “President’s Cradle.” Then drive to New York and check into the hotel in New Jersey.
12Drive to the iconic statue of Liberty in the United States (take a boat trip around the island without going to the island), and pay tribute to the gift given by the French government to the 100th anniversary of American independence. Walk on Wall Street, the “financial center of the United States” and feel the charm of New York as an economic capital. Then head to the fashion landmark Fifth Avenue, stroll through the busiest cross streets in Manhattan, and feel the elegance, splendor, fashion and full vitality of New York. Stay at the hotel in New Jersey at night.
13Drive through Philadelphia, the old capital of the United States, to Washington, the capital of the United States. On the way, we will visit Princeton University, which is world-famous for undergraduate education. As one of the Ivy League schools, the school emphasizes training students with comprehensive humanities and science. ; The post-Gothic architecture on the campus echoes the modern architecture. Students can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also feel the rigorous European style of education in Princeton here; in Philadelphia, the students will approach the Independence Palace (Appearance) He Liberty Bell. It was here that the “Declaration of Independence” was issued here on July 4, 1776, announcing the birth of the U.S. government; afterwards, I visited the first scientific and technological research and humanities education in U.S. history The University of Pennsylvania is home to the first business school in the United States and the world’s leading business school, the Wharton School of Business. Walking on the cozy campus, you can feel the strong humanity and Gothic atmosphere of Penn everywhere. The solemnity and solemnity created by the
14【Museum Day】

Take a full-day tour of Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, visit the White House (exterior), the magnificent Capitol (exterior), and admire the Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. The walls of the memorial are engraved with many influences on the world saying. Then, wander through the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. Among them, the National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular in the Smithsonian museum group. The first aircraft of the Wright brothers is displayed here. In human history The first rocket, the first man-made satellite, the “Apollo” lunar module, the “Hubble” space telescope… Here, most of the exhibits are precious historical originals. These collections record the history of human flight Each step has witnessed one historical miracle one after another; the National Museum of Natural History is the most popular museum for children and one of the major natural history research and education centers in the United States. The dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and marine wonders exhibited here Precious, rare gems and minerals can make up for the knowledge that children cannot learn in the classroom.
15Pack your luggage and fly back to the motherland.on board
16Successfully arrived in the motherland and ended the trip to the United States.