American Language Program

Students participating in this American language course will experience a truly American university teaching environment; students’ study, life, food, clothing, housing and transportation are all conducted in American universities, and students can choose whether to live in the school. All courses in the course are taught by high-quality teachers with many years of qualifications. The course is a small class system, each class is composed of 10 students and 1 teacher. Under the teaching environment of small class system, students are more able to integrate into the curriculum and can directly interact with teachers, which helps to promote students to learn . After completing the course, a certificate of completion of the course will be issued to the students who have completed the course.

ESL Pomona Course
Pomona provides American language courses from beginner to advanced. If students need, they can also give training for SAT, ACT and TOEFL tests. Pomona provides daily American culture and activity courses. Students can choose courses such as hand-made art, dancing, sports, games, etc., and experience American learning culture by participating in a variety of activities.
ESL Whitter Program
Whitter provides American language courses from beginner to advanced. The courses are taught by professional teachers. The courses are arranged in small classes to create an exquisite learning environment and classify students according to their American language proficiency. In this course, the American language course will be conducted in the morning, and in the afternoon, a daily local tour will be conducted to visit different local attractions.
ESL American Explorer
This course uses a novel teaching method to conduct American language courses, which are different from ordinary American language teaching methods. Students learn American language and American culture while personally exploring Southern California through hands-on experience on the ground.
ESL Science Camp The
science camp lasts for three days. The camp includes one day of on-campus course activities and two days of off-campus teaching. The designated locations for off-campus teaching are related to the subject of the course, such as: California Science Center, Griffith Observatory, etc. The curriculum design of the Science Camp is aimed at enhancing students’ science-related knowledge and using American language as a learning medium. In order to provide students with an American learning environment, the school curriculum activities are conducted in American universities.
The real experience course on American campus
International students will experience real American education and American life in this course. The students live and learn together with local students in American schools every day. Under the all-American educational environment in the school, students learn all aspects of knowledge and establish international friendships. After class, they get along with American host families. Students live with locals 24 hours a day. In a comprehensive American environment, In addition to learning American language, students also experience American life and culture.
STAR parent-child study tour experience camp
STAR parent-child itinerary is designed for families, parents and children will get the opportunity to experience the United States together! The children will get a truly American learning and living environment in local American schools and host families. When the children are in school, they will arrange their parents to travel to California, Navada and Arizona. After the children finish school, the parents and their children travel to the East Coast of the United States together and they are rewarded.