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Who We Are

Officially incorporated in California in 2008 and active since 2000, ESL4Asia has long been dedicated to quality international education both in the United States and in Asia.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for cultural exchange between students and host families alike. Homestay programs enable both parties to broaden their worldview and are sure to create lasting friendships that span the globe.

Hosting is a wonderful experience. Likewise, your guests will think the same; as a host, you will be the cause for many meaningful memories made over the course of their stay. In essence, passionate, hospitable families comprise the very foundation of our program.

The Makings of a Great Host Family

Open Mind - Different cultures present different customs. It takes patience and understanding to bridge the gap, and as with any children, some need more than others do. The students may be here to learn, but we will certainly be learning alongside them.

Open Ears - Aside from the necessities, students may have other requests. By working closely with the child, as well as with ESL4Asia's permanent staff, we can better cater to each of our guests. Attentiveness and flexibility are important qualities.

Open Arms - You may be responsible for many study groups over the year, but each student will only ever have you. Spend ample time with the kids; even treat them as one of your own. Quality time can be as simple as taking them to run errands, or to meet friends and family.

General Responsibilities

Daily transportation to and from school. Punctuality is a must.
Well-balanced, varied, and healthy meals.
Comfortable lodging. (e.g. own bed, blankets, A/C, Wi-Fi, etc.)
Regular involvement in students' lives. This can be as simple as making genuine conversation.
Support for a fun, safe, and caring environment.
Most importantly, open channels of communication with ESL4Asia permanent staff.

For Groups

Families may host 2-4 guests per home, which may include students with their accompanying chaperones.
The usual length of stay ranges from 6 to 12 nights.
Students may attend school on weekdays and participate in field trips on weekends.

Giving Back

On top of all the new pen pals and priceless memories, host families will also take in compensation as thanks for their support. For short-term stays, ESL4Asia will reimburse $32.00 per student, per night. Long-term rates vary from $900 - $2,000 per month, depending on the number of students (a maximum of two).

American Student Exchange Program

Who said foreign exchange programs should only work one-way?

ESL4Asia also arranges programs for American students to travel abroad and explore the culturally rich landscapes of China and Taiwan. Give your child the once-in-a-lifetime chance few other agencies offer!

Program Details:
In exchange for hosting two foreign students for a total of 30 days, ESL4Asia will sponsor an all expenses paid trip FOR ONE to China and/or Taiwan. This means that all flights, rooms, and program fees will come at no cost to your family. Trips are planned during spring, summer, and winter school breaks. However, per the nature of this program, your family will not be paid the nightly rate and will not receive monetary compensation for hosting the foreign students.

The final costs of your family:
Passport and visa registration fees
Travelers insurance
Loose spending cash for your child
30 days of upkeep for two eager students.