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What is the criterion in determining student placement?


1. New host families must pass a background/finger print check (sign and return disclosure and authorization form)

2. Must be fluent in English and have a native accent (At least one host parent needs to be fluent in English, and this person needs to be approachable.)

3. Hosting history (families who have successfully remained with Esl4Asia will have the priority to be placed)

4. Loyalty to the company (must be willing to show integrity and commitment to the company. Give ESL4asia priority when hosting students)

5. Clean safe environment

6. House condition (smoke alarms, safety plans in case of emergency.)

7. Provide complete well balanced meals (offer variety – example, california medical marijuana card don’t just offer a bowl of cereal but also fruit, juice and toast. Please no cup of soup for dinner. )

8. Accommodations (How many beds/rooms are available) remember all beds must be in a frame.

9. Transportation (are there enough seats to securely seat each student)

10. Interaction with students – (communication, willingness to spend time with them as well as taking them out to local pools, malls, libraries, parks or markets. Most of these children will never come to the USA again, try to make it memorable for them.)

11. Positive attitude (being tolerant and flexible, not causing confusion or doubtfulness. Please bring issues to our attention immediately. We are open to constructive criticism.)

12. Responsiveness to emails/text

13. Home computer/internet ( Mc Donalds, Starbucks or your local library offer WiFi free)

14. Telephone Access (Students need to communicate with parents; most will have a calling card however it is recommended that you put a block on all long distance calls.)

15. Complaints (Please let us know if you have any complaints or issues immediately; don’t complain behind our back. We are willing to improve for constructive criticism)

16. Central air, heat, or fans (student must be housed comfortably during extreme weather conditions)

17. Responsibility/reliability (must be on time for pick up/drop off – school, trips, etc.)

18. Referrals (we currently pay a referral bonus for each new family you recruit, however they must meet Esl4Asia requirements.)

19. Washer and dryer access (younger children will need assistance washing their clothes)

20. Emergencies – (contact us immediately in the case of emergencies/injuries, in case of a severe emergency contact 911 first, then notify us)

21. Broken/Damaged property (If a student breaks an item in your home, I must be notified prior to student leaving so issues can be resolved. We can’t be liable for an item once the child has left.)

22. Pets (all pets must have a current rabies vaccination. Please provide proof of the shot record. You must ensure the safety of the students from any and all pets.)