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Host Benefits

Our mission at ESL4Asia is to provide a high quality standard as well as a safe and productive experience for both Students and Host. By opening your doors to a foreign exchange student you are opening your heart and mind to establish long lasting friendships across the globe. You will experience a new culture; learn a different language, as well as help a student to achieve dreams. There is no better way to learn about other countries or cultures than to learn first-hand. Unlike other agents or organizations, we at Esl4Asia: Pay immediately, we text parents for group pick up/drop off times (which saves host parents the wait time.) We are the largest short-term study abroad program in the Los Angeles area.

Responsibilities Of Being A Host Family

A Host must have a positive attitude, provide a clean and safe environment for the student, provide daily transportation to and from school, must offer students a complete well balanced meal for both breakfast and dinner. Host must interact with children to ensure their stay is fun and exciting. Host must provide Proper Accommodations. Pursuant to US Department of State Rule22 CFR 62.25 all potential Host Families must have a criminal background check (CBC) completed.

Please Download the Application and Agreement :

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