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Don t worry, Leia, he said with emotion, we ll find Han. And leaning over, Chewbacca barked hi.s farewell into the microphone a barkthat may have transcended the limits of time and space to be heard by Han Solo,wherever the bounty hunter had taken him. It was Luke who spoke the final farewell, though he refused to say good bye. Take care, my friends, he said with a new maturity in his voice. May The ForceBe With You. Leia stood alone at the great circular window of the Rebel Star Cruiser, her slimwhite draped form dwarfed by the vast canopy of stars and the drifting ships of Magento Certification thefleet. She watched the majestic scarlet star that burned in the infinite black sea. Luke, with Threepio and Artoo tagging along, moved to stand next to her. Heunderstood what she was feeling for he knew how terrible such Magento Certified Developer it exam a loss could be. Standing togethe.r, the group faced the inviting heavens and saw the MillenniumFalcon moving into view, then veering off in another direction to soar with greatdignity through the Rebel fleet. Soon the Millennium Falcon had left the fleet in itswake. They needed, no words in this moment. Luke knew that Leia s mind and heartwere with Han, no Magento Certified Developer matter where he was or what his fate might be. As to his owndestiny,

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